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July 23, 2018

Today I just wanted to sit down and talk with y’all about life…

Life can get sooo hard sometimes. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed with so many different projects you have to tackle, that you end up not being able to focus on ANYTHING at all. Sometimes we stretch ourselves so thin that all you really want to do is TAKE A NAP! But then you think to yourself, “I can’t take a nap, there’s too much work to be done!”. Life is crazy.
What I have just described, is something that I have been experiencing A LOT lately and I know SO many of you can relate. I mean, even just sitting down to write this blog I”m thinking about 500 other things that I need to be doing; And I’m sure some of you reading this right now are avoiding other work that you need to get done too. Haha!
But I’m so glad that your source of procrastination is this blog :)
Right now, before you do anything else, just take 15 seconds to close your eyes and breathe. Don’t think about work or kids or family drama or social media. Just 15 seconds to be thankful. Thankful that we have such a busy fulfilling life to live. Thankful for boyfriends, fiancé’s, husbands, family who are there for you. Thankful that you have air in your lungs to just sit here and breathe. Thankful for LIFE.
Yes. Life is crazy, but every single day is a BLESSING. I constantly have to remind myself that it could be so much worse. That all the stress I feel and all the work I still have to get done is nothing compared to what someone else might be dealing with.
Don’t take a single breath for granted and be thankful. Now go get ‘em!!

“Empowerment starts with self-love.”

April 13, 2018

So…Here is the story about how Spencer and I chose the date for our wedding.
Around November, Spencer and I were getting a little anxious about picking a date for the wedding. We were sooo busy and had dates booked for work, months into the future and couldn’t seem to find a date that we knew we could keep available, and have enough time in between, to actually plan a wedding.
We came home to Macon and started to discuss the topic with mine and Spencer’s mom. Now if anyone was ready for us to hurry up and get married, it was those two. My mom said, “just pick a date and lets start planning! I planned my wedding in 6 weeks, we got this! Y’all met in March right? So how about March?” I was like, “You mean March 2019?” And of course she said “NO! March 2018! Let’s do this!” I thought that seemed a little too soon to be able to plan the entire wedding and get invitations out and everything, but I was also soooo ready to marry Spencer, so I said okay! I knew that I had to call my priest, Father John, and find out if the date we wanted was even available. So I called Fr. John and asked about March 24th (The day Spencer and I met, fell in love and became boyfriend and girlfriend). Fr. John quickly got back to me and sadly told me that March was off the table all together because that is during our lent and the week before our easter (as Greek Orthodox christians, our Easter falls on a different day this year than American Easter). I was so discouraged when I heard this news. He told me that we could pick a day in April, though, as long as it was after Easter. I didn’t really get too excited about that, because I just didn’t have any real connection with any dates in April. Nevertheless, I thought, April IS the peak of Spring, and will definitely be a beautiful time to get married, so I’ll just take a look and see if any dates stand out to me.
A little background before I tell this next part. Spencer was born on December 13th, 1991 which was a Friday the 13th, I was called number 13 of the top 15 at Miss America, I won Miss America on September 13th, there are 13 letters in my name, so the number 13 holds a lot of significance for both me and Spencer.
Naturally, when I was looking at the dates in April and saw that there was a Friday the 13th in April, I immediately told Spencer and he said “BOOK IT!!”. Now keep in mind, there are only one, maybe two Friday the 13th’s every year, so this was a huge coincidence already.
I texted Fr. John right away and asked him if April 13th was available. He texted me back and said “Do you mean Saturday the 14th??” And I laughed and texted him back saying “Nope, I mean Friday the 13th!” LOL.
He then said he would check with the metropolis and see if it was available.
The Next day, I still hadn’t heard back from him, and I was starting to get a little anxious… I really wanted this date to work out.
Later that day, I finally got a text from Fr. John and I couldn’t believe what he told me.
He explained that in the Greek Orthodox Church you aren’t allowed to have a wedding on a Friday at all because that is the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross and we don’t celebrate on that day, we are in mourning. BUT, because this year our Easter happens to fall the week before Friday, April 13th, we WOULD be allowed to get married on that Friday because during the week after Easter we are celebrating Jesus rising from the dead!! So, Friday, April 13th 2018 is the ONLY Friday in the entire year that we would’ve been allowed to have our wedding. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT???? I literally started crying when I finished reading his message. What are the odds of that?????
I still can’t believe it!!!! God definitely had his hand in this entire wedding planning experience and I truly believe that He hand picked this day, just for us. I’m just so so thankful and so so blessed, that it all worked out the way it did.
In just 8 days, I get to have my fairytale wedding on that God given day to my precious God given Man.


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